Windows Lite for Folding Screen Devices

June 29, 2019
Microsoft's quick step, following the growing number of companies that want to make folding screen devices. The company is known to have set up a newer operating system as part of the plan.

Reports from anonymous sources say Microsoft is preparing an operating system called Windows Lite. Quoted from the page from The Verge, recently, this operating system is a lightweight version of Windows intended for dual screen devices.

Microsoft's decision to prepare Windows Lite is indeed not without reason. The company based in Redmond, Washington, United States is reportedly indeed adjusting to the trend of folding screen devices that are predicted to be more massive in the future. One company in the field of PC (personal computer) which is pushing it is Intel. The famous chip company has reportedly pushed a number of vendors to create a new device category that has two screens.

Returning to Windows Lite, a number of reports say that this operating system will have a similar Windows appearance that exists today. However, there were a number of changes made by the company, such as navigation like the Surface Hub and Continuum's design.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to give an official announcement, so there are still changes made. Moreover, there are reports that say Windows Lite can only be present as an option on later dual screen devices.

Keep in mind, the presence of Windows Lite itself has been heard since the past few months. In fact, a number of reports say this operating system is not solely intended to anticipate the trend of folding screen devices, but is one of Microsoft's strategies to stem the growing adoption of Chromebooks.

Previously, Microsoft had seen folding and dual display devices as big investments for Windows and Surface. Therefore, Microsoft began to adapt a special operating system for folding screen devices.
According to sources who know the plan, Microsoft is now developing Windows, including the default application to run for folding screen devices or dual screens.

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