Xiaomi Recommend Mi Men's Sports Shoes 2

June 21, 2019
Xiaomi is known as one of the technology companies based in China. However, the company also continues to strengthen its non-technology business line. Among other things by releasing daily necessities products that are not directly fulfilled with technology. One of them is to release a new shoe model.

Quoted from NDTV, Thursday (7/2), this shoe, named Mi Men's Sports Shoes 2, marks Xiaomi's entry into the shoe business. For a while, these shoes are still limited to the Indian market.

As a first step, these shoes are only available on Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform and are priced at 2,499 rupees. These shoes are available in three color choices, namely black, gray, and blue.

The plan, these shoes will begin to be released to consumers on March 15 next. After going through crowdfunding, Mi Men's Sports Shoes 2 will be sold at the original price, which is 2,999 rupees (Rp. 585 thousand).

Although Xiaomi is known as a technology company, the Mi Men's Sports Shoes 2 is like ordinary shoes. Xiaomi does not equip these shoes with smart technology.

However, Xiaomi still uses the latest materials and features in the shoes for these shoes. These shoes are made with 5-in-1 uni-molding that makes them anti-slip, durable, and able to absorb vibrations.

Xiaomi also said that these shoes have more comfortable pads that reduce the risk of sprains. These shoes are even made of mesh fabric that is easy to clean and friendly to the washing machine.

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