Google Stadia Against PS4 and Xbox One Equity

June 28, 2019
Google seems to understand the trend transition in the gaming industry. The technology giant released a cloud or cloud-based streaming game platform called Stadia.

Google Stadia was announced during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) event in San Francisco, United States (US). Quoted by from its official blog, Thursday (3/21), Google Stadia is a cloud-based game streaming service that can play various titles on any device.

That is, Google Stadia is able to make instant access to favorite games on all types of screens. Starting from television, laptops, desktops, tablets, or smartphones.

Google explained, the purpose for which Stadia was made is now because many of the user's favorite games are available in high resolution up to 4K 60 fps and can be played anywhere. The quality of the game is also said to have HDR support and surround sound.

Gamers can stream play games on a PC using the Chrome browser, smartphone, tablet to TV. In other words, Stadia is able to unite two different worlds, namely people who play video games and people who like to watch games.

This is what makes Stadia have a striking difference compared to the PS4 and Xbox One which have limitations having to play games using the console. Stadia will free players from the limitations of these traditional consoles and PCs.

In particular, Stadia has a better infrastructure because of Google's cloud-based. Google Stadia adopts powerful hardware that combines GPU server class, CPU, memory and storage, and the power of Google's data center infrastructure.

Google Stadia is said to be available later this year in certain countries including the US, Canada, Britain and most of Europe. Google Stadia will also be equipped with a controller that allows the gamers experience to increase in line with the convenience obtained through the Stadia streaming platform.

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