Here is the Apple Credit Card

June 25, 2019
Apple has a new product. Not a gadget, iPad, smartwatch or the like. It's a credit card. It's called an Apple Card. This new service is on display at the 2019 Apple Event.

As reported by Venture Beat, recently, the Apple Card is a card that functions like a credit card. In this stage, Apple chose Mastercard as a vendor to work together.

Apple claims, the presence of the Apple Card is a new payment solution with a more 'healthy' approach. The Apple Card is designed to complement other Apple payment options. In fact, its function can later replace the role of a real credit card.

The difference is, if with an Apple Card, users must sign up with the iPhone first via the Wallet application. Every time a user uses an Apple Card, they are promised to get a two percent cashback in a feature called Daily Cash.

If users buy a new Apple device via an Apple Card, they will get 3 percent cashback. Interestingly, the use of the Apple Card is not subject to any fees, such as membership fees, late fees, and other fees.

Apple also said, one of the advantages of the Apple Card is privacy in the transaction. The technology company from Uncle Sam's country guarantees that there will be no personal information that will be exposed, especially shopping history using an Apple Card.

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