Intel Optane H10 Memory Small Large SSD Combined Drive

June 22, 2019
Intel announced a new portfolio for storage solutions, namely Optane H10 Memory with Solid State Drive (SSD). The new Intel Optane H10 memory with SSD combines Intel Optane technology and QLC 3D NAND technology into one solution.

Quoted from the page DigitalTrends, Thursday (11/4), Intel Optane H10 Memory still has a traditional 80 mm M.2 SSD form factor. The Intel Optane H10 memory also uses the PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe user interface (UI).

Simply put, this is a small Intel Optane drive combined with a much larger Intel SSD. The Optane drive is used as a high-speed cache and offers fast access to commonly used data. While SSD storage (still quite fast) is used to hold all other data.

Intel combines the Optane with SSD into a single M.2 80 mm drive. This solution will work in a variety of systems that are far wider, especially in the laptop arena which often makes space a very expensive factor.

This may sound like a complex couple, but it is simple in practice.

The NAND Optane drive and QLC 3D will not appear as separate parts on the user's PC. This is clear, because the Intel Optane is known as an accelerator for the use of data stored on the hard drive. If you use HDD type storage, Intel Optane is an additional device to be able to make a computer as fast as if using a high-priced SSD type hard drive.

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