Nintendo Prepares Two New Consoles

June 25, 2019
The gaming industry continues to grow rapidly. The players were aggressive in creating a new type, because the market was so tasty. One of these industry players who is quite aggressive is Nintendo.
Nintendo is currently working on two types of portable gaming consoles, the Nintendo Switch. Chances are, the game console will be released at least this summer.

In a report written by The Wall Street Journal it was mentioned that one type of Switch is a variant that is cheaper. Meanwhile, other devices are predicted to have features that are "enhanced and targeted for video gamers."

Quoting The Verge report on Wednesday (3/27), the Switch model, which is cheaper, will eliminate the vibration feature. This shows that this inexpensive version of the Switch will not be equipped with a removable Joy-Con controller. This model will be the successor of Nintendo 3DS.

The Nikkei report at the beginning of the year said that NIntendi plans to release a smaller Switch and focus on portability. So far the report has not mentioned anything related to more expensive models.

But one source said, there would be more revisions than simple performance improvements in the expensive version. Even so, of course there are improvements in features and performance for the Switch compared to its predecessor.

The switch uses Nvidia's Tegra X1 processor which is four years old. If Nvidia wants to go back to developing a smartphone chip for Nintendo, Nvidia can get huge profits in terms of power and efficiency.

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