Nokia Jadul Produced Again

June 21, 2019
Nokia has been the market leader for cellphones for years. Many types of cellphones have hardline fans. In early 2017, a company based in Finland issued a fairly classic cellphone. Namely the type of Nokia 3310.

Apparently in addition to issuing 3310 series, Nokia also issued a cellphone which is a series of 105. Price of Nokia 105 is of course pocket-friendly.

The price of the Nokia 105 at the beginning of the previous exit is indeed relatively expensive. However, with the development of the times and also the technology of the Nokia 105 can be reached by all people.

The design of the Nokia 105 also tends to be classic. The cellphone's body still uses plastic and rubber to protect its sides. Of course this can make it comfortable when holding it. Besides being comfortable in your hand, it weighs only 73 grams making the Nokia 105 easy to carry.

Nokia 105 has three colors, namely black, blue and white. The screen is TFT type with a size of 1.4 inches. In addition, the Nokia 105 screen has a resolution of 120 x 160 pixels with a screen density of 143 ppi.

This Nokia 105 only has 4MB RAM capacity. The Nokia 105 also seems to only be equipped with simple components. Because the functions on the Nokia 105 are more used for calling and also sending short messages or SMS. Similarly, the internal memory that is owned, which is 4 MB. Apart from that, this phone also doesn't have a slot for external memory.

Although it does not have high connectivity, the Nokia 105 is equipped with a dual SIM card facility. Of course this can make you use a different SIM card on one cellphone.

In addition, the Nokia 105 is only equipped with microUSB 2.0 which functions as a charging place. The entertainment features available on this phone are only FM Radio and default games available on Nokia 105.

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