PhoneSoap, Smartphone Washing Machine

June 23, 2019
Like a car or motorbike, a smartphone also has many accessories. Colorful casing with many motifs, unique charging to screen security, deliberately created to support the aesthetic value of the smartphone itself. Well, what is no less unique is the 'washing machine' smartphone.

Reported from Mashable's website, Tuesday (2/4), a startup called PhoneSoap, created a special washing machine with the same name. He is tasked to clean the dirty smartphone.

Only, the way it works is different from clothes washing machines in general. If smartohone is washed and rinsed like a normal washing machine, it will automatically be damaged, right? So, the way PhoneSoap works is to clean a smartphone that has a large breeding rate of bacteria and viruses. The shape of PhoneSoap itself resembles a large smartphone case.

Inside it is embedded an UV lamp (ultra violet) which serves as a smartphone disinfectant. So, this device really won't wash your smartphone.

The UV light will actually 'clean' the dirty part of the smartphone to be sterile and free of bacteria and germs. Interestingly, not only sterilizing smartphones, PhoneSoap can also charge smartphones directly. Like while diving drinking water, users will get satisfying work results. The smartphone is clean, the battery is recharged.

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