Powerbeats Pro can be for Android

June 24, 2019
Beats introduces new earbuds. It's called Powerbeats Pro. Powerbeats Pro uses the same H1 chip as second generation AirPods. This also reduces the voice command feature of the Siri virtual assistant. Oh yeah, these wireless earbuds can also be used for Android-based devices.

The most flashy difference is in design. If AirPods 'just' hangs in the user's ear, Powerbeats Pro has a design that allows it to encircle the user's ear so that it is safer from the risk of falling. It also has real buds, similar to Samsung Galaxy Buds or Huawei FreeBuds.

The more complex design makes the charging case has a size that tends to be larger than similar devices. Not only that, he also has not supported the wireless charging feature that is already owned by second generation AirPods.

Furthermore, there are physical buttons for volume and various functions when listening to songs. In addition, this device also supports motion sensors when the user wants to set it to sleep mode.

Not to forget, this device also has the ability to stop songs when the user removes it from the ear, and will be played back once worn again. This feature is also found on AirPods.

These wireless earbuds have a battery life of up to nine hours if used continuously. Large compared to similar devices. The charging case can provide additional power until the time of hearing can increase up to 24 hours.

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