Smart Watches with Folding Screen

June 21, 2019
Folding screens not only penetrated the cellphone industry. But, it has also begun to be used in the smartwatch or smart watch industry. The device in question is an Alpha Nubia smart watch from Nubia.

Launching the GSM Arena page on Tuesday (26/2), the Nubia Alpha is a smartwatch that has a flexible 4-inch OLED screen in collaboration with Visionox. Because it functions as a clock, the Alpha Nubia screen is quite thin and has an elongated shape with an aspect ratio of 36: 9 and a resolution of 960x192 pixels.

As a smartwatch, this device is powered by a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and combined with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage space.

With that vast storage space, Alpha Nubia is claimed to be able to store 1,000 songs.

This Smartwatch runs a customized OS, and comes with motion gesture features, as well as AIM (Air Interaction Mechanics) support. For matters of power, this smart watch is also equipped with a 500mAh battery which is used to last a period of one to two days.

Although it is a clock, Alpha Nubia can be used as a telephone, because there is an eSIM version. Thus, this device can call and have 4G LTE network connectivity.

Like a smartwatch in general, another version of the Alpha Nubia (which is not equipped with eSIM) can be connected to a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection and internet via WiFi.

Uniquely, this device can also be used for video calls. Because, on the body there is a camera with 5MP resolution and openings f2.2 for video calls and taking photos.

Users only need to rotate their arms, then point their faces to the screen to make video calls. Alpha Nubia is made of stainless steel material. Meanwhile, the screen is coated with polyimide heat conductors.

There is also a Gold version of this watch with an 18 carat gold coating. Even so, both are promised to have water resistance.

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